Our history

Our inn and bed and breakfast is managed in fourth and fifth generation by Rita and Christine Krapf. But let’s talk about how it all began…

From 1870 to 1872 Friedrich and Elisabeth Petri built up the first house. It was an old building which was originally located in Frankenau. This house was removed by Friedrich Petri and re-erected in Battenhausen. At the beginning the family possessed a joinery and a store where colonial products were sold. Additionally, Friedrich Petri also ran a farm as it was usual and common in those times.

On 21st of March 1874 the pub license for the selling of beer was granted. And this is when the story of our inn started. Seven children arose in the marriage of Friedrich and Elisabeth. But only the youngest child, Wilhelm, was interested in the parental business. 

Wilhelm Petri married Christine Bomm and took over his parents’ business in 1930. The joinery was closed at the beginning of the 30’s because the pub was the main interest. In 1935 a ballroom including a small stage was attached to the rest of the building. One son, Wilhelm II, arose of the marriage of Wilhelm and Christine.

He married Ema Garthe and took over the management of the business in 1959. The only daughter, Rita, was already born in 1957. About ten years later, in 1969, one part of the old framework house was demolished and replaced by a new building. The first guestrooms were constructed. 

1976 was an extremely turbulent year. The remaining parts of the framework house were demolished and replaced by a new building. Rita Petri married Konrad Krapf whose family background was in Gemünden and their daughter, Christine, was born. Another major renovation of the house took place in 1986. The entire hall was redesigned and a bowling alley constructed. At the end of the 80’s the store for colonial products was closed and the inn was renovated, too.

In 1991 Rita Krapf took over the family business and managed it with great success. Her husband Konrad Krapf supported her actively. They both concentrated on the restaurant as well as the accommodation facilities. The farm business was suppressed and more accommodation rooms were attached and renovated. 

In 2005 the inn received its new design. 

Daughter Christine also followed in the parental footsteps. After her apprenticeship as a cook and after several other job-related situations, she successfully graduated the school of hotel management in Heidelberg with a master in hotel organization and is now a certified gastronome. 

Since June 2006 Rita and Christine Krapf share the job of business management. And again, some extensions of the house were carried out. The cow barn was demolished and new guest rooms, a new kitchen as well as a storeroom were erected instead.

On 1st of February 2007 another family member in sixth generation was born. Christine Krapf and Jörg Luckhardt are the parents of Tim. Jörg Luckhardt, a cook and food chemist, also supports our family business actively.  

We married in August 2010. The family name is now Luckhardt!